#MarchMATness2018 Day 24 #legpulls (Front and Back)

In today's #legpulls we're really going for as few contact points to the mat as we can manage, short of actually levitating.

I learned to think of Leg Pull Front as "Swimming 2" from Benjamin Degenhardt (so many of my lightbulbs came from that source!) which not only helps me remember the order but helps me with the form of both. Can I be this lifted in #swimming in readiness?

And then of course we just flip it over the other way, 'cos that's fun too.

25 The Leg Pull Front.jpg
26 The Leg Pull (Back).jpg

What happened to the rest of the abdominal series of 5?

Now, the super keen amongst you may have been confidently awaiting the next in the abdominal series of 5 today, which of course is Scissors, also known as Hamstring Pull.

So what happened there, why are we on #spinestretch already?

Well, #MarchMATness is about Joseph Pilates' ORIGINAL 34 mat exercises, and he didn't give the Scissors / Hamstring Pull, Double Leg Lower and Lift or Crisscross in the original series. I know, you're devastated we're not devoting a day to Crisscross right?!

I believe that it was Romana Kryzanowska who put the 3 additional exercises in here to make what we now know as the series of 5. I've heard she "saw too many poochy bellies" and didn't like them! Now I'm just quoting from my memory there, I'm sure someone will correct me if they disagree.

Joe's names are interesting though, #onelegstretch and #doublelegstretch... perhaps he didn't think of them as primarily abdominal exercises at all... see musings on day 6 #onelegstretch.